How-to guides

How to operate the camera controls

All the examples below assume that you have already instantiated a Camera object:

from camera import Camera
c = Camera()

Advance the film

'Wind the film lever'

Set a film speed setting

c.film_speed = <speed>

Selectable film speeds are 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 ASA.

'Set the film speed'

Select shutter-priority exposure mode mode

c.aperture = "A"
'Set aperture to "A"'

Check the light meter

'Check the light meter'

Press the shutter button
'Take a photo'

Set aperture manually

c.aperture = <ƒ-number>

Selectable ƒ-numbers are between 1.7 and 16.

'Select the aperture manually'

Open back
'Open the back of the camera'

How to run tests

Tests are in and require pytest.

Install pytest, and run: pytest.

How to build the documentation

In the docs directory, run:

make install

This creates a virtual environment and installs the components listed in docs/requirements.txt.

To build the documentation, run:

make html

The documentation can be found docs/_build/html.

Or to build and serve it, with automatic refresh on changes:

make run

The documentation is served at

To check spelling, run:

make spelling

Any correctly spelled but unrecognised words should be added to docs/spelling_wordlist.txt.